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Inspire Others with Your Compost Story

Your story may inspire others in Mountain View and nearby communities to compost. Here’s your chance to share your composting story and inspire others in our community.

I hope these questions help you tell your story. We have asked many questions to help you tell your story from different perspectives.  After the required questions, feel free to respond to the questions that best help you tell your story.  By entering your story, you are agreeing to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Aha-Yes! LLC and the Beat Climate Chaos project will not sell, rent nor trade your contact information.

Name (feel free to use your first name and last initial or a nickname) *
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Why did you start composting? *
How do you fit composting into your busy day? *
What did you have to overcome to start composting, what kept you from starting sooner?
What problems have you had to overcome to maintain your compost?
Do different people in your household view the compost differently? If so, how?
What unexpected things or events occurred because of your compost?
What’s a funny story about your compost?
What do you like best about composting?
What do you like least about composting?
What words of advice do you have for new composters?
Would you recommend composting to your friends and family? Why or why not?
For how long have you been composting?
Do you have a compost bin or a worm bin or both?
Please describe your compost and your experience composting.
How does composting feel, sound, smell, look to you, your friends, your family?
How often to do you add kitchen scraps and other material to your compost bin/pile?
What do you put in your compost?
What do you not put in your compost and why not?
What do you do with the product of your compost?
How much time per week to you spend maintaining your compost?
What other question do you think we should ask that might help others better understand composting, help them compost and inspire folks to start composting?
Do you have compost questions with which you would like help?

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Thanks for telling your composting story.  If we have clarifying questions about your compost story, we’ll contact you via the email address you provided above.  If you have any questions, please contact us or call 650-641-0003.