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Page of Mountain View’s Compost Story

October 10th, 2010 · No Comments

Name: Page M
City: Mountain View
Why did you start composting?: To reduce the amount of stuff my family adds to the waste stream.
How do you fit composting into your busy day?: I have a worm bin and I add scraps to a container on the kitchen counter then feed the worms every few days. No sweat!
What did you have to overcome to start composting, what kept you from starting sooner?: I had some unsuccessful worm bins for a few years. I finally bought a commercial, stacking bin.
What problems have you had to overcome to maintain your compost?: Fruit flies in the kitchen.
Do different people in your household view the compost differently? If so, how?: Everyone feeds the kitchen container, but only mom feeds the worms.
What unexpected things or events occurred because of your compost?: I grew a mango tree in California that sprouted from a pit in the bin. Lots of interesting things sprout in there!
What do you like best about composting?: My citrus trees love the compost.
What do you like least about composting?: Fruit flies.
What words of advice do you have for new composters?: Stick with it. Given the right environment, the worms will go crazy.
Would you recommend composting to your friends and family? Why or why not?: Yes! It’s great for your garden.
For how long have you been composting?: 15 years.
Do you have a compost bin or a worm bin or both?: Worms.
Please describe your compost and your experience composting.: Worm bin on the side yard, transfer container in the kitchen.
How does composting feel, sound, smell, look to you, your friends, your family?: The kitchen scraps can get smelly. The bin isn’t smelly.
How often to do you add kitchen scraps and other material to your compost bin/pile?: Kitchen scraps every day.
What do you put in your compost?: Fruit/veg scraps, old bread, eggshells.
What do you not put in your compost and why not?: Bones, meat, eggs, fish. Not good for the compost.
What do you do with the product of your compost?: Put it on the fruit trees in the garden. I pour the leached liquid on the fruit trees as well.
How much time per week to you spend maintaining your compost?: 5 minutes.
What other question do you think we should ask that might help others better understand composting, help them compost and inspire folks to start composting?: Where did you get your worms/worm bin?

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