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Welcome Global Work Party Participants

Share your composting story and inspire others to compost.   You can use our compost story form to help you tell your composting story.  We’ll see how many folks start or continue composting and tell their compost stories on 10/10/10.  Your stories likely will inspire others.  The more folks that start composting, the more we will reduce green house gases.

Composting reduces green house gas emissions.  Methane, that landfills produce, has 72 times the global warming potential as carbon dioxide over a 20 year period according to The Nobel Peace Prize winning United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Working Group I’s Fourth Assessment Report.

When waste is appropriately composted it decomposes aerobically, with air, and does not produce methane, though it does produce some carbon dioxide.   However, that carbon dioxide is from the current year’s plant growth, as opposed to carbon dioxide released from burning petroleum – that’s releasing ancient carbon dioxide that had been stored from ancient plants in petroleum.

Overall sending kitchen scraps, yard waste and other compostables to your compost pile instead of to the landfill significantly reduces green house gas emissions.

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Beat Climate Chaos!

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Six Steps Kids Can Get Their Families to Take to Beat Climate Chaos

in Mountain View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and neighboring communities

1) Get inspired!

What are folks in your community doing to help beat climate chaos? Read their stories. What ideas can you get from what worked well for them? How can you build on those ideas? Did they find some easy ways to change? What was harder then they expected? What was easier? Where did they find help locally to make it easier?

2) Sign up to change

Decide what change you want to make to help beat climate chaos then commit to it. Feel free to start small or to challenge yourself, whatever works for you. Did you know you’re more likely to follow through on your commitment to change if you make your commitment public? You and a friend can each sign up for a change – it’s easier to stick to your commitment when you work together with a friend and challenge each other. You may find it reassuring to know you’re part of a big community, each individual doing her or his part to beat climate chaos. Join the community! Have fun beating climate chaos!

3) Get rewarded!

When you sign up and commit to a change, you get deals from local green organizations. Yes, you know you’ll get your own intrinsic rewards from challenging yourself, meeting your challenge and doing your part to make a difference. And once you get ideas about how you want to change, that may be sufficient. But, to help get you started, we’ve added external rewards – deals, special offers and gifts from local green organizations. (We’re always looking for more offers from local green organizations to help encourage folks to beat climate chaos. If you or an organization you know wants to help, contact us.) Taking advantage of these deals is a great way for you to get help from the local community in meeting your goals.

4) Write your story, inspire others!

Once you’ve made a change to help beat climate chaos – tell your story! How has it been to make the change? Was it harder or easier than you thought? What didn’t go so well and what went well? What would you suggest to others? What did you learn?

5) Get rewarded!

For making a difference get the I Changed to help Beat Climate Chaos certificate. Show it off with honor! Get deals from local green organizations. Plus, as you know, you get your own intrinsic reward for making a difference. You get to tell your family and future generations what you did to make a difference when it became essential that you change, that you step up to help beat climate chaos.

6) Encourage others to participate!

Email the commit to change page to a friend and suggest that they sign up. Sign-up for another commitment yourself. Now that you’ve made one change, you’re on a roll – keep it going. Sign up your team at work. Teachers – sign-up your class – it’s a great class project – make a change as a classroom to help beat climate chaos and have the kids write up their story of how things went. What group or organization are you a part of that you get to sign up?

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Beat Climate Chaos!

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